Today I was mosing around on when

Today I was poking around on when I saw an article they posted with a link that read “The 11 Most Common Foods That Are Likely to Make You Violently Ill” ( The foods listed in the article were leafy greens, eggs, fresh tuna, oysters, potatoes, cheese, ice cream, tomatoes, sprouts, berries, and meat and poultry. And while I will acknowledge that, if handled improperly, you have a risk of catching a food-borne illness from these foods – the notion of this article is ridiculous.

The problem is not the food itself. So what? We’re supposed to stop eating all vegetables, fruits, and dairy? Just live off of completely processed foods and you’ll never get food poisoning! Truth is. The ratio of how many people eat these foods to how many actually receive some sort of food borne illness is staggering.

I’m willing to bet that 99% of the time, it’s the way the food is being handled either by the transport, restaurant, or individual. That being said – be mindful of where you buy your produce. Be mindful of the expiration date/appearance of the food and store. Don’t eat in shady restaurants or diners, or restaurants that don’t appear to be clean. Always make sure to wash your vegetables, even if they claim to have been washed. All of this seems to be just common sense for healthy living practices – but apparently America is gullible enough to believe that anything that isn’t processed is unsafe.

This is coming from someone who is literally and utterly terrified of vomiting…and I still eat vegetables. I always follow the “when in doubt, throw it out!” rule. If something looks/smells funky, it probably is.

I was just shocked to see that this even existed. I could go on all day about the real world problems with presenting something like this to an already obese society, but I’m curious to hear other people’s thoughts. What practices do you follow to make sure your food is safe? How does seeing something like this make you feel?


2 responses to “Today I was mosing around on when

  1. I make sure food items/meals is/are washed and prepared and stored and cooked correctly…if you don’t do these things then your bound to become ill; it’s common sense surely?!

    • That’s what I always thought! But apparently this is a huge issue for the more gullible folks. Instead of owning where you’re getting your food from and how you’re handling it – it’s easier for them to just blame the food itself, I guess. Haha.

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