I’ve been feeling pretty frumpy and out of

I’ve been feeling pretty frumpy and out of touch ever since we got back from our vacation. Instead of wallowing in this feeling, I dedcided I wanted to get inspired and change it! If you’re not familiar with mindbodygreen.com, you should be. It’s a fantastic site with countless tips and inspirational articles. In coming across this one today “5 Steps to Making Your Own Rules” (http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-7522/5-steps-to-making-your-own-rules.html), I saw how this could help impact my health and not just my attitude.

Step number two read:

“2. Shed what’s not serving you. Make a list. What are the actions that you do and the rules that you follow that aren’t serving you? It can be as simple as eating too much sugar, or participating in a toxic relationship. It’s important to face what’s not serving you before you can write any new rules.”
This really hit home with me. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the things I feel I shouldn’t be doing that I can’t keep them straight. This leads to a lot of self-doubt, and thus, furthers the insecurity. I wanted to make my list public as a constant reminder and (hopefully) motivation for someone else to kick some of their bad habits.
#1 Obsessing over my weight, not my health.
Too often, I find myself obsession about the number on the hypothetical scale, when I should really be more focused on the needs of my body. If I’m hungry, I should eat a healthy snack. If I’m tired, I should rest.
#2 Making excuses about taking care of myself
I’ve got a list of doctor apartments as long as my hair that I need to schedule, but I’m always putting them off. I figure, if I can get out of bed in the morning, then I’m fine. But I’m inhibiting myself from potentially feeling better or stopping a problem before it starts.
#3 Always thinking people don’t like me
I’m a self-proclaimed “friendless” friend. I always feel that people are hanging out with me just to humor me. But really, these people wouldn’t make me the time of day if they didn’t feel I was worth it. I need to truly value that and enjoy the time I have with them. Life it too short.
And finally, #4 Forgetting to love myself
With all this toxic obsessing I do, I’m always trying to make sure I meet other people’s standards, when I really need to focus on meeting my own. Which I can say, I am not currently doing…hence the list!  

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