Honey, I Ate the Dog for Dinner

This kid has it spot on. Why doesn’t everyone see it this way?

I watched a video this morning on YouTube: The Birth of a Vegetarian. It was insanely cute and the conversation focuses on young Luis questioning why he needs to eat his octopus legs.

At the end of the video, Luiz becomes a vegetarian. Luiz asks his mother why she is crying? She responds by saying “I am just touched by you…” and then he states; “I’m doing something beautiful.”

Luiz – These animals… you gotta take care of them … and not eat them!

I love this interaction. Why is it so hard for adults to see things clearly? Would you eat Rover or Kitty cat? No. Most of us love our pets as family and treat them accordingly. So why is it so easy to eat a ham sandwich?

Last week I was involved with Project Save a Duck. I walk around a small lake…

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