Vegan, Day Three

Sunday marked the start of my vegetarian-vegan transition. I know it hasn’t even been three full days yet, but let me tell you what I’ve noticed so far. The difference in diet has been subtle – coconut milk creamer instead of Coffee-mate, vegan cheese sprinkled on food in place of real – but already, I feel amazing. I was often left feeling bloated and uncomfortable for no reason, but now I feel literally no bloat. And as a self-proclaimed coffee addict, even I’m surprised by how much my intake has cut down. Instead of craving sugary coffee to pick me up, a coconut water or all natural juice pick me up just fine.

I could just be running on newly-vegan-adrenaline, but I swear I can feel a change in my body. I feel lean and energized, and I love it.

The hardest part is, as I had suspected, being conscious of everything I’m putting into my body again. After a year or so of being vegetarian, you’re able to zip through label reading so quickly that most people probably wouldn’t even notice you had done it. Now, I’m having to step back and actually read every line and it’s tasking. I’m no complaining, it’s just something I’ll adapt to eventually.

I’ve also taken care to be more conscious of the products I’m using. For some reason (and I’m HIGHLY ashamed to admit), I didn’t put too much thought into the beauty/cleaning products I was using. I’ve made some small changes already (makeup and shampoo), and I’m slowing phasing out the rest of the products I own that aren’t as forthcoming with their cruelty practices. As much as I’d love to toss it all in the trash right now, wasting the products I’ve already spent my money one would be just as harmful to the environment and my wallet. So once a bottle runs empty, it’s replaced with something organic and eco-friendly. 

Ideally, I’d like to update once a week on this subject, but I’m just feeling too good today to not mention it!


5 responses to “Vegan, Day Three

  1. Sounds like you are enjoying your change so far! It is a shame that many products and foods aren’t clearly marked as vegan friendly. Hope the rest of the week go just as well for you!

  2. Great to hear you are already feeling positive aspects of a change in diet. I am wanting to become a vegetarian (I eat vegetarian about 3-4 times a week right now and no red meat) and I’m guessing I would experience similar things.

    • Yeah, most people that become vegetarian or vegan from being a meat eater do say they feel a significant difference, and pretty quickly. Sounds like you’re already well on your way, I wish you the best!

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