I’ve decided to really dedicate some time to my blog recently and use it as it’s intended…as a diary, per say. A personal platform. I recently deactivated my Facebook and it’s been an eye opening experience. It made me realize a few things, for sure. People’s reactions were the first shocker. While I listed a couple of different options to get ahold of me outside of Facebook, if they so desired, only two people (that I don’t talk to regularly) actually contacted me. But a surprising number of people commented on my wall, expressing how much they would miss me. Why? I haven’t gone anywhere. It’s weird to think that, even if we didn’t interact, my online presence (or lack thereof) would make a difference to them.

The next thing was how much time I had. I’ll admit, it’s been tough at times. I got so used to occupying myself with Facebook when I was bored that it was second nature. I found myself reaching for my phone, ready to check on the app whenever I had downtime. But now that it was gone…I had to do other things. I spent a lot of time on my Pinterest account the first couple of days. But eventually that lost it’s appeal as well. I’ve started going to yoga more often, been actually visiting with my friends/family more often, and even painted a picture the other night. I haven’t painted in at least a year. I picked up a couple of new books and dove back into some old ones. I let my mind rest and wander. And just sat sometimes. My dog has been enjoying this.

People are still asking me if I “miss” it. And the truth is, I don’t. I feel more connected to myself, my wants, my needs – and less focused on the negativity and gossip. I was constantly seeing news articles about issues people found offensive. Or hearing them complain. That’s not to say that I don’t want to be informed about the world or care about the well being of my friends, but Facebook (at least for me) was shrouded in negativity.

Cliche as it may sound, I’m reminded how short life is. And how I would rather spend it looking at my dog, interacting with my friends/family, and feeling experiences. And not looking at that app on my screen.



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